Latest Addition Enables Exceedingly Simple Test Measurements of SDP3x Differential Pressure Sensors

Latest Addition Enables Exceedingly Simple Test Measurements of SDP3x Differential Pressure Sensors

Sensirion, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality humidity, gas and liquid flow sensors, presents the advanced EK-P4 evaluation kit, which simplifies the evaluation of Sensirion’s differential pressure sensors even further. The kit combines all the features required for test measurement, including a flow element, so first meas-urements can be made cost-effectively and exceptionally quickly.

The evaluation kit consists of a USB stick connected to a PCB on which an SDP3x differential pressure sensor is already attached. The flow element can be easily affixed to the kit with two screws and then directly connected to the gas flow. “Be-cause the flow element is now included in the package, our customers no longer need to design and make one themselves for most test applications,” explains Andries Bosma, Product Manager for gas flow and differential pressure sensors at Sensirion AG. “Measurement takes place in a bypass configuration, which enables our customers to achieve precise measurement results quickly and cost-effectively.”

The viewer software, which can be downloaded from the Sensirion website, shows the measured differential pressure using a graph. It allows simple data logging and the export of measurement data in the form of an Excel list. “We always strive to make products that fit our customers’ needs. With the new addition of the flow element to the evaluation kit, we have succeeded in further simplifying sensor evaluation and thus the work of our customers,” adds Bosma.

The SDP3x tested with the kit is the world’s smallest differential pressure sensor and measures a mere 5 mm x 8 mm x 5 mm. Thanks to its tiny size, it can be integrated into compact devices, and can also be used in completely new areas of application where, until now, differential pressure and mass flow measurements were inconceivable due to space or weight restrictions. In particular, it opens up new possibilities in mobile and portable devices, such as medical technology and consumer goods. The SDP3x’s flow measurement is based on the thermal measuring principle, which is characterized by particularly precise measurement and long-term stability. It is free from zero point drift, which eliminates the need for regular zero calibration.

The kit can be directly purchased from Sensirion distributors. You can find more information on the evaluation kit and the SDP3x differential pressure sensor, as well as a dealer list and availability, on the Sensirion website: Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about Sensirion or our products:

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