Plasma Etch, Inc. has just released the PE-25-jw. It has an incredibly low starting price of $6900 USD.

Plasma Etch, Inc. has just released the PE-25-jw. It has an incredibly low starting price of $6900 USD. Equipped with PLC control, the system comes with a single gas channel, and has the option of a second. It is fully automated and easy to operate. The system is the smallest of the Plasma Etch, Inc  line of plasma cleaners, and holds true to the Plasma Etch, Inc reputation as  being durable, reliable, and having consistent, repeatable results every time.

The system has automatic process sequencing capabilities. All timed events (pumpdown, plasma, gas stabilization and vent) can be easily programmed into the automatic sequence. The PLC keypad is used for operator entry and one complete process recipe can be stored in memory for repeatable results. One button operation starts the process sequence.

As in all Plasma Etch systems, direct RF contact (capacitive parallel plate) is used for uniform plasma generation. The unit has a 125W 50KHz RF power supply with continuously variable power capability. The system has a 2.5” x 4” Horizontal “Direct Contact” RF powered electrode with 1.25” of chamber height clearance.

The PE-25-jw is comprised of components made in the USA and is built and supported from our Carson City, NV headquarters. Plasma Etch has 30 years of experience in plasma technology.

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About Plasma Etch, Inc.

Plasma Etch has satisfied our customers for over 30 years by designing and manufacturing Plasma Etching Systems right here in the USA. We have the honor of being the industry pioneer innovator with Process Temperature Control and Electrostatic Shielding with our Plasma Cleaning Systems. We offer features that are unique to the Plasma Etch cleaning systems product line, including features which we developed and now provide exclusively to our customers.

Our technology offers a wide range of cost-effective, safe and environmentally sound plasma etching and cleaning solutions focused on the manufacturing, laboratory, university, PCB, PWB, medical, chip, wafer, life sciences, nanotechnology, photovoltaic, led, and solar markets to mention several.

The Plasma Etch, Inc. name has proudly become synonymous as the favorite choice go to company for those desiring a custom system be designed and built for them exclusively.

Since the beginning, Plasma Etch, Inc has also offered contract plasma services which  also is located at their headquarters in Carson City, NV.

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