Flagstaff, AZ USA, April, 2010 ‐ Machine Solutions Inc.‐ Machine Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its Microscope Replacement System (MRS) product line for in‐process medical device inspection. The Industrial PC‐based vision system with ergonomic heads up touch screen display allows for easy viewing by one or more individuals. Digital reticles for go‐no go decisions can be quickly generated with standard CAD software then downloaded into the MRS.

“After previewing the MRS product line at MD&M West and MEDTEC Japan, the initial reaction to the system has been great,” says Product Manager Brian Strini. “A lot of the positive feedback is based around the flexibility of the system for use in various applications and the ergonomic benefit of getting the operators eyes off of a microscope.”

The MRS system comes in two basic configurations. The MR is intended for reticle‐based inspection of features such as marker band spacing and diameter, balloon cone tapers, guide wire tip shape, catheter tip length, diameter and angles/radius, proximal and distal bond outside diameters. The TM includes a telecentric lens for point‐to‐point measurements and image capture for local or network data storage. Lens configurations, field of view and magnification can be custom tailored to fit most any application.

About Machine Solutions Inc.

Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) was founded with the mission of providing innovative and effective proprietary mechanical solutions to a variety of complex process and device design challenges. MSI has been instrumental in automating manual processes within catheter and stent manufacturing operations and within the device industry. Please visit www.machinesolutions.com for additional corporate and product information.