Metal Cutting, a global manufacturer specializing in the fabrication of precision parts for medical applications has been supplying radiopaque tungsten, tungsten alloy, and gold plated tungsten wire to the medical device community for over 30 years.


CEDAR GROVE, New Jersey, August 11, 2011--Metal Cutting Corporation has been successfully supplying tungsten wire, both plated and non-plated, round and ribbon to its many international medical device customers for over 30 years. And now more than ever, with the price of gold continuing to rise, tungsten is the attractive radiopaque alternative to precious metal wire for biomedical applications.

The significant economic advantage is just one of the reasons the global medical device industry is choosing tungsten over precious metals. Notably, it is as radiopaque as other precious metals. Compare tungsten’s density (W=19.3 g/cm3) to the density of gold (Au=19.3 g/cm3). And tungsten offers significant heat and corrosion resistance—a crucial consideration for medical device applications.

Additionally, tungsten’s mechanical properties make it ideal for coiling and braiding. With a tensile strength between 50,000-75,000 psi at over 1000° C, tungsten ranks significantly higher than other radiopaque metals. Equally impressive, tungsten has a mineral hardness of over 7.5 (while platinum has a hardness of 4.5, and gold just 2.5). Together, this critical combination results in stiffer coils and more steerable braids.

In addition to non-plated wire (like that used in cauterizing applications), tungsten is also available with gold plate from 0.3µ to 1.5µ to match the appearance and some of the benefits of pure gold at a fraction of the cost. Because gold plated tungsten wire remains unaffected by speculative pricing, it is a highly cost effective alternative to platinum and platinum alloys. And, as both tungsten and gold plated tungsten have minimal commodity value, the risks of theft and mishandling are significantly reduced.

As the cost of precious metals increases, the medical device industry faces tough financial choices. Using Metal Cutting Corporation’s tungsten wire and gold plated tungsten wire in radiopaque applications means customer savings—without sacrificing quality!


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