New processes, such as extrusion blow molding, means more “under one roof” efficiency…

TEMPE, Arizona, November 07, 2011 – MedPlast, Inc. continues to help healthcare product makers drive costs out of their supply chain, through the addition of services such as extrusion blow molding, according to David Mulera, the company’s Director of Corporate Engineering and Vice President/General Manager of its Tempe headquarters.

“Unlike other suppliers, we can take on mid-volume blow molding assignments, in addition to the customer’s high volume molded work,” Mulera said.  “This enhanced range of services ensures cost and time efficiencies and customers are confident that the lower volume work won’t get ‘lost’ in the process as it might with the typical blow molders attuned to high-volume runs.

“Supplier consolidation – with the right partner – can go a long way towards increasing supply chain efficiency,” Mulera said. 

In addition, Mulera noted that MedPlast offers 100 percent leak checking – and vision inspection – of every blow molded part.  “As a result of being able to ‘do it all’ under one roof, we see brisk growth of our extrusion blow molding business,” he said.  “Prototype work has led to full production assignments and bigger and bigger programs.  As a result, we will be adding equipment and expanding the facility.”

Another trend Mulera sees is the diminished cost differential versus offshore competitors.  “We offer a better product, made locally, at a highly competitive price, when all costs are factored in,” Mulera said.  “And you rarely see the 100 percent product testing we offer, with mid-volume programs.  Our customers benefit from consolidating their extrusion blow molding assignments with their other work, under our roof.”  

Extrusion blow molding is a manufacturing process used to create hollow parts, such as collection bottles and vessels, from a plastic material.  The blow molding capability MedPlast added to its fast-growing Tempe facility, which also includes clean room injection molding and assembly is scaled to meet the needs of medical component manufacturers with production runs that might otherwise fall below the requirements of the general blow molding community.

“The old model, of the single capability supplier, is going by the wayside,” Mulera said.  “Our multi-component and multi-material technology, as well as the ability to formulate materials for complex elastomer and silicone applications, helps drive our customers’ costs down, which is critical in today’s healthcare market environment.”

MedPlast, Inc., based in Tempe, Arizona, is a leader in the design, prototyping, engineering, assembly, tool-making and production of precision, custom-molded components for the healthcare and select industrial markets.  The company’s cutting edge technical capability and one-stop, full-service approach offer unsurpassed precision, speed-to-market and synergistic skills in elastomers and thermoplastics. 

MedPlast has five world-class facilities, which handle multi-shot molding, elastomeric molding, specialty mold manufacturing and complex product assembly. 

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MedPlast, Inc., based in Tempe, Arizona, works in close collaboration with its customers – product developers in markets where stringent quality assurance and compliance – along with time- and cost-efficiencies – are of paramount importance.

MedPlast’s manufacturing capabilities include multi-shot molding, elastomeric molding, specialty mold manufacturing and complex product assembly.  Its world-class facilities are based in Tempe, as well as Elkhorn, WI; West Berlin, NJ; Westfield, PA and Monticello, IA.  The company has played a key role in the introduction of many new, and highly challenging, product introductions in the Healthcare and Consumer/specialty markets.

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