MedEdu has partners will to deliver iPad and PC-based interactive training for carotid artery exams. The innovative patient simulator allows medical professionals to practice auscultation at multiple locations.

Medical Training and Simulation LLC has launched a free <a href="">carotid artery exam course.</a> Drawing upon the heart sound expertise of Dr. Jon Keroes and David Liebermann (authors of Virtual Cardiac Patient published by Lippencott) this course facilitates skills development for practitioners and students. 

The carotid artery exam course uses a virtual patient that can be auscultated for carotid bruit and heart murmurs.  Patient history and lab results are also presented.  Multiple choice diagnosis and treatment Q&A are used to provide a unique case study approach.

For students and practitioners refreshing their skills, the Practical Clinical Skills website provides additional courses covering heart sounds and murmurs, lung sounds, EKG lessons, arrhythmia drills and blood pressure assessment. These courses use web-based simulators to enhance learning and facilitate skills improvement.

The courses and reference are compatible with PC, MAC and iPad web browsers.  Several of the reference guides are also available for iPhones and Android devices.