As a Germany based full-service contract provider of OEM medical instruments, LRE Medical has delivered award winning and innovative technology solutions since 1961.

Nöerdlingen, Germany – March 22, 2011 - LRE Medical GmbH, a subsidiary of Esterline Corporation, is pleased to announce its fiftieth year as a leading developer and manufacturer of medical technology instrumentation for OEM customers. In an era when  many  contract  development  and  manufacturing  companies  have  come  and  gone,  LRE  has  achieved  five  decades  of steady growth through innovative technology and quality manufacturing. The company will commemorate its 50th Anniversary on May 14th 2011 with an all day excursion for its employees and representatives of Esterline Corporation.

Over  the  last  fifty  years,  LRE  Medical  has  remained  successful  throughout  the  many  changes  in  its markets.  This  can  be attributed in great part to its full service “One Stop Shopping” partnerships - development, manufacturing, after sales service and life  time  product  support  and  improvements  –  and  its  ability  to  keep  abreast  and  ahead  of  the  rapidly  evolving  scientific technology.  Equally  important,  LRE’s  engineers  and  manufacturing  personnel  are  continually  looking  for  ways  to  optimize product design and manufacturing processes to improve quality, reduce overall program and product costs, and most importantly – shorten time to market for its OEM customers. In doing so, LRE has won industry recognition as an innovative development and quality-manufacturing partner that can be trusted to deliver successful commercial products in a timely manner.

Since  its  founding  on  May  8,  1961,  LRE  has  continually  adopted  rigorous  design,  development  and  quality  manufacturing processes in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, EN 13485:2007 and FDA 21 CFR Part 820 for Class I through Class III medical  devices.  Since  its  inception,  LRE  Medical  has  provided  its  OEM  customers  with  over  200  successful  instrument development  programs  and  the  manufacturing  and  delivery  of  millions  of  instruments  for  FDA,  MDD  and  IVD  regulated environments  -  without  a  single  recall.  Achieving  a  near  perfect  on-time  delivery  record  coupled  with  a  nearly  flawless  quality manufacturing  system  is  something  that  LRE  and  its  employees  are  extremely  proud.  Without  a  doubt,  LRE’s  remarkable successes are due in large part to its investment in its people, processes, and technology.

LRE Medical’s customers are well known, internationally operating OEM companies as well as midsize and start-up companies. The  long  lasting  relationship  with  many  of  its  partners  is  convincing  evidence  of  its  superior  grade  of  service.  LRE  is  keenly aware  that  the  quality  of  its  services  and products  contributes  to  the  success  of  its  OEM  customers  and  ultimately  to  its  own successful  operation.  According  to  its  President,  “there  is  no  doubt  among  LRE’s  employees  that customer satisfaction  is  its highest priority.”

Today,  LRE  Medical  GmbH  has  more  than  130  fulltime  employees  located  in  Munich  Germany  (engineering),  Nöerdlingen Germany (corporate and manufacturing) and Southern California (sales).

LRE  Medical  GmbH  (,  a  wholly-owned  subsidiary  of  Esterline  Technologies  Corporation,  provides  contract engineering and manufacturing of electronic medical instruments exclusively to OEM clients. LRE’s main focus is on products and customers in the market areas of in-vitro diagnostics and med-tech applications. All of its design and production processes are  aligned  according  to  the  EU  directives  for  IVD,  CE  Mark,  ISO  and  FDA  requirements  and  standards.  Esterline is  a  leading  specialty  manufacturer  of  highly  engineered  products  for  aerospace,  defense  and  medical markets.