March 24, 2010 …….Woodstock, CT, The Linemaster RF Wireless foot control is another step towards the future and compliments our current line of IR Wireless foot controls.  The RF Wireless foot switches are available in single, twin and triple variations offering up to (5) switch functions and all with the freedom that wireless offers.  This switch eliminates the cord clutter on the floors that is common in the workplace while providing the same reliability of a wired foot switch.

The RF Wireless foot control utilizes RF technology for optimal signal transmission and reception.  Multiple systems may be used in the same vicinity at the same time while utilizing a 50 foot transmission range.  The transmitter is powered by (3) “AA” Alkaline batteries typically providing 400 hours @ 50% duty cycle.


The RF Wireless foot controls are plug and go systems for an easy transition from an existing wired solution.  This system can be used in many different medical applications as the foot control meets the provisions of IP68 protection.  These foot controls can be factory programmed or programmed by the end user.  Special options include up to five switch functions, special labeling and custom paint finishes.


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