Superior Performance in a Better Mounting Option

The new 152 Side Seal Valve started with requests from customers for a shorter valve that mounts in a smaller space than the 120, 130, and 140 series of cartridge check valves.

Although the 152 can be press fit without the O-ring, the function and life span is best with the side seal mount. Smart Products encourages the O-ring as an alternative to press fit. Mount in 5/8" bore molded or machined bore or manifold. The 152 Shares the 150 series line of springs and poppets, as well as O-rings allowing for hundreds of possible combinations of components to suit most applications.

For customers who require more flow, the 152 will allow five times more flow with air or water than the 132 or 122 side seal valves. This feature will give more options for customers who need this type of mounting capability.

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