Houston, TX, USA) Over fifty years after pioneering automated leak testing, Uson is still introducing innovative new products with first-of-kind features. The Raptor™ single channel pressure decay leak tester is the company’s latest addition to a comprehensive line of leak detection instruments, equipment and automation systems.

Raptor™ is a compact bench-top leak tester with built-in touch screen color display. It is programmable by a Uson App via an Apple™ or Android™ smart device tablet or phone. The user interface displays pressure plot, countdown timers, step results, coupling outputs and the current test pressure – keeping the operator informed of test status throughout the cycle.

RaptorTechnological advancement doesn’t stop with the HMI. Inside the tester is Uson’s compact high performance Stallion™ valve manifold block. Tested to 50,000,000 cycles, the Stallion™ valve block features self-cleaning valves and individual valve port control for maximum performance and reliability.

The new leak tester is available in five pressure ranges from vacuum to 150psi, sufficient to cover most common air decay leak tests with resolution to 0.001psi. Ten discrete digital inputs and outputs (I/O) permit automation via PLC or computer interface, with data collection via USB or Ethernet.

Raptor’s ten on-board programs provide versatility for testing many different types of parts. It is has a small footprint and is lightweight at only 10.5 lbs. allowing for a good smart fit into in a wide range of applications and markets.

Gene Grilli, Uson’s Director of Global Sales, comments: “Raptor takes advantage of current Bluetooth smart device technology which today’s manufacturing professionals are familiar with, making the learning curve very short. Raptor has the performance, features and ease of use manufacturers are looking for in a compact and competitively priced leak tester.”

About USON

USON first developed high accuracy leak testing methods for NASA and for over half a century has been at the forefront of leak detection, leak testing, and non-destructive testing ---pioneering the development of automated leak detection equipment for the automotive, industrial, medical device and packaging industries.  Headquartered in Houston, TX, the company has additional offices in Detroit, MI, the United Kingdom and China and sales partners around the world.   Visit www.uson.com  for more information.