Trelleborg Sealing Solutions supplies an integrated spring-energized seal to leading syringe pump manufacturer TriContinent Scientific. The two companies worked together on the development of a novel pump platform seal design to solve a problem for one of TriContinent Scientific’s customers. The resulting seal design provides much more consistent sealing force on the sealing lip resulting in extended seal life and the elimination of instrument downtime.

Premature seal failure was being caused by reagents adhering to a ceramic piston and deteriorating the seals. Using TriContinent Scientific’s own patented seal design, engineers at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions were able to modify the seal and offer a solution. This was an integrated polymer dynamic seal with a HiMod® 550 custom-shaped energizer within a custom ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) jacket. HiMod® is a glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material and avoids any issues connected with the use of a metal energizer.

"The success of this syringe pump design hinged on finding the perfect seal material and configuration," says Mik Bajka, Engineering Manager from TriContinent Scientific. "We could not have asked for a better outcome. Our reputation is built on delivering high value, reliable, and innovative products to our customers, and we were able to do that here. Working with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions engineers, we solved our customer's problem and produced another quality component for the critical in vitro diagnostic industry."

Sealing in syringe pumps can be challenging. Plastic-type plungers made of a variety of materials act as pistons that ride in bores generally made of glass or ceramic. Seals are often incorporated into the tips of the plungers, sometimes resulting in one-piece components.