The number of parts tested per hour (throughput) is a major challenge facing production and test engineers. Multiple parts are often connected to a common test port using a manifold in the attempt to increase testing throughput. Uson has released an appication note describing how four channel concurrent testing using the company's Sprint iQ leak tester can increase throughput and overcome the weakness of techniques which use a manifold.

The manifold approach has two serious drawbacks. First, the manifold and the parts themselves create a large volume. The increased volume reduces sensitivity causing longer test times,which is precisely what multiple testing was trying to solve.

Second, because the parts are connected to one common air source, the tester has no way to know which parts failed. A failure in any part demands a second test. This re-testing takes more time.

The Sprint iQ leak tester is configured in such a way that each part has it's own result, thus eliminating the need to retest and the leak test circuit minimizes the overall test volume.

The application note is available  for free at by joining the Uson literature club and downloading 4 Channel Concurrent AN-1.pdf from the list of application notes.