HSD Ventures has developed a new CPAP mask

HSD Ventures developed a novel new CPAP mask aimed at providing simplicity, comfort, and optimized airflow to people living with Sleep Apnea. Unlike traditional masks, which typically involve tubing extending from the front of the face, Loa™’s pressurized air flows from the nose cup through tube channels flanking the patient’s cheekbones. The tube channels comfortably route around the user’s ears and terminate in an easily accessible location under the chin. By keeping the tube paths close to the body, patients can change sleeping positions easier, with less worry surrounding tangle risks while sleeping. In addition, the Bi-Flex Mask eliminates forehead pressure and indentations on the nose bridge, commonly associated with traditional CPAP fixtures.

HSD Ventures™ specializes in developing partnerships for the design and development of next-generation medical devices and pharmaceutical delivery systems.  HSD Ventures is part of HS Design (HSD), an ISO 13485 certified product development firm with a focus on medical, healthcare, and life science markets.  For nearly 40 years, HSD continues to be recognized as experts in product development for Fortune 100 and innovative start-up companies.