Carpinteria,  California–March  29,  2011  -  Helix  Medical,  LLC,  manufacturer  of  the  HelixMark® line  of  fluid  handling  products  and  a  custom  manufacturer  for  the  medical  device  industry,  has announced a new extrusion capability for the pharmaceutical and biotech markets.  Helix Medical is now  offering  a  custom  solution  to  an  industry  need  for  an  opaque  exterior  layer  to  block  all  light.   Black-jacketed tubing is ideal for transporting photosensitive fluids or light sensitive pharmaceuticals, and it’s important to note that the pigmented exterior layer does not touch the fluid path.  The tubing is custom-manufactured  to  each  customer’s  exact  material  and  dimensional  specifications  and  is currently available in the U.S. and through Helix Medical Europe.
“We  offer  our  customers  a  choice  of  Dow  Corning,  Wacker,  Nusil,  or  Momentive  USP  Class  VI silicones,” said Chris Woodruff, Director of Marketing at Helix Medical.  “We offer extrusions with custom ID/OD and packaging format.  We are flexible in order to give customers what they need to be successful.”
Helix Medical’s extrusion process takes place in Class 8 cleanrooms.  Our extrusion facilities in Carpinteria, California and Kaiserslautern, Germany have been awarded ISO 13485 certification for our quality management systems. ISO 13485 is the internationally recognized standard for the quality management systems of organizations involved in the design, development, testing, manufacture, and distribution of medical devices. Material certification and lot traceability is included with every product shipped.
About Helix Medical, LLC
Helix Medical is a global custom manufacturer for the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, and IVD  industries  with  six  manufacturing  operations  worldwide.  Medical  manufacturing  capabilities include  development,  silicone  and thermoplastic  molding  and  extrusions,  complex  catheter  systems, assembly, packaging, and engineering services.  Helix Medical manufactures the HelixMark® line of platinum-cured silicone tubing and fluid handling products for the pharmaceutical and biotech market. Established   in   1984 and   headquartered   in   Carpinteria,   California,   Helix   Medical   currently manufactures  in  California,  Massachusetts,  Germany,  Ireland,  and  China.  A  facility  in  Costa  Rica opens in early 2012.      
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