June 8, 2016 was the 40-year anniversary of the patent issuing for the WOB-L® piston compressor technology of Gardner Denver THOMAS

Sheboygan, WI, USA: June 2016

WOB-L® Technology Typifies THOMAS’ Focus On Innovation
Gardner Denver THOMAS marked June 8, 2016 as the 40-year anniversary of the patent issuing for the WOB-L® piston compressor technology. THOMAS invented and originated this technology and forever changed the pump and compressor market, since WOB-L® is a new class of pumps in a space between the articulated and diaphragm pump technologies.

Today, THOMAS remains focused on innovations and continuous improvements in not only WOB-L® but other pump technologies as well. WOB-L® piston technology is based on a robust design principle, comprised of a one-piece rod that “wobbles” inside the cylinder as the crankshaft rotates. Characterized by oil-less, efficient operation with low vibration and sound levels, THOMAS WOB-L® pumps provide customers high performance, durability and long-life reliability.

Since 1976, millions of units have been sold for use in a wide range of medical, environmental, automotive and industrial applications. While other manufacturers have tried to imitate the WOB-L® technology, THOMAS remains a leading manufacturer of pumps and compressors, and is the best choice for pressure and/or vacuum applications requiring compact, lightweight designs and high performance piston seals. Leading companies trust and rely on THOMAS innovation and the WOB-L® technology for quality and performance both today and tomorrow. Visit us online and discover more about our innovations, pump technologies and applications.

Gardner Denver THOMAS, www.gd-thomas.com, a leader in flow control products for medical, life sciences, and selected other industries is focused on solutions for OEMs. Innovation, global capabilities and a solutions centric approach to our customer’s success is at our core. A global production network with plants in the U.S. (Sheboygan, WI and Monroe, LA), Europe (Memmingen, Germany) and Asia (Wuxi, China) allows fast and flexible reaction to our customer needs.

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