Teleflex Medical OEM is pleased to announce the availability of Force Fiber® suture, a high-strength suture prepared from an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Force Fiber® suture was tested against polyblend suture of comparable size and indication. The scientific study indicates Force Fiber® suture significantly outperforms selected competitive products for straight tensile and knot tensile strength. Yet for all its strength, Force Fiber® suture exhibits a flexibility and pliability that makes it easy to work with in the surgical suite. The suture is nonabrasive and has a silk-like feel that is gentle on tissue and gloves.

Configurations for Force Fiber® suture include sterile, private labeled product; bulk, non-sterile spool; cut lengths, and suture/needle combinations. The suture is available in white (undyed) and in white/blue or white/black cobraids that are well-suited for multi-strand procedures.

Teleflex Medical OEM, a preeminent global provider of outsourcing services, supports the world’s leading medical device manufacturers with a focus on medical instruments, bone fixation devices, extrusion, catheter fabrication, sutures, and performance fibers, represented by the brand names of TFX OEM®, Deknatel®, Beere Medical®, KMedic®, and SMD™.

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