Proven expertise in compliant laser marking on surgical instruments and implants led to double-digit growth in 2017

Selmsdorf, February 2018 – Reviewing last year’s results, FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving has further strengthened its pole position as one of the leaders in laser marking technology for medical UDI (Unique Device Identifier) marking. FOBA’s proven expertise in the application and implementation of laser marks on surgical instruments and implants has been continuously challenged by growing regulatory marking and quality requirements as well as by the economic needs of medical devices manufacturers.

With double digit growth in the laser marking segment of the medical industry, FOBA partnered with nearly all of the top medical OEM manufacturers globally. FOBA’s M-series stand-alone marking solutions along with its diverse fiber lasers for integration, exceed demanding industrial standards of compliant marking on titanium, stainless steel and most of the medical plastics.

FOBA offers a vision based laser marking system with pre- and post-mark verification of components and marking results, which will significantly reduce marking errors while providing documented process stability. Automatic mark alignment relative to the position of the workpiece insures an economic and stable marking performance.

Christian Söhner (FOBA’s vertical manager, medical) emphasized the importance of good relationship management with all the different industry segments. “We listen to the needs of our customers, manufacturers, healthcare and regulatory bodies. Together with our long-standing technical experience, we are able to continuously enhance our laser marking and service solutions”, said Söhner, dedicated to growing confidence and customer loyalty in the medical industry.

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