Optinova  AB,  founded  in  1971,  is  a  Finland  based  extrusion  operation  focusing  on  large  volume  production,  and specializing in fluoropolymer medical tubing for world class producers.  Their state of the art facility is 63,000 square feet, (30,000 square feet of this operation is certified class 100,000 clean room space), with 27 extrusion lines and a staff of roughly 140 employees; in-house automation department, tooling design and manufacturing.
Medicine Lake Extrusions, Inc. was founded in 2004. The niche and target market was to supply the highest quality, technically  challenging  medical  grade  thermoplastic  extrusions  to  the  medical  device  OEM’s  and  contract manufactures at a fair price. Over the next 7 years MLE accomplished this goal in a big way and growth was inevitable.
With the recent partnership of Optinova AB (Finland) and Medicine Lake Extrusions, Inc. (Plymouth, MN) the owners are  very  excited  to  bring  you  Optinova-MLE,  Inc. With  over  100  years  of  combined  engineering  and  solutions  this operation can provide a wealth of knowledge for long-term manufacturing and extrusion demands. From research and development to rapid prototype runs to small, medium, and high-volume production extrusions; they are a global single source solution provider.

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