Taking a shower is an easy part of most routines, but can be a challenge for people with physical impairments. Tasks ranging from being able to stand in the shower to shampooing hair are seemingly impossible without hands-on assistance, shower modifications, or technological devices. Empowermate Systems, Inc. strives to solve this dilemma with their recently created automated showering system, soon to enter the marketplace.

The Automated Showering System developed by Empowermate allows physically challenged individuals to remain seated while being able to wash from head to toe, as well as front to back.  Users will gain greater independence because they can use the system with little or no assistance. SP2210 Liquid Pumps in Empowermate Systems Test Lab

Smart Products has worked closely with Empowermate Systems over the past year by identifying their flow control needs, supplying pumps and valves, and assisting them throughout the project’s duration.

“Empowermate Systems produces automated technologies to improve the lives of the physically challenged and enable an independent lifestyle. Our trademark is ‘automated systems for independent living.’  We went with Smart Products for our needs because of good performance, cost-effective price, and very professional customer service,” says William Shrewsbury, President of Empowermate System, Inc.

The system requires two SP2210 Liquid Pumps to dispense shampoo and body wash.  Additionally, two 214/214 check valves are used with the pumps to prevent back flow into the dispense lines.

“Empowermate has a strong desire to help the physically challenged population improve their quality of life.  Working directly with William Shrewsbury, President of Empowermate Systems, allowed us to share and act on detailed project specifications, and he was open to Smart Products’ suggestions.  I’m especially proud that our collaborations will soon benefit others,” says Product & Application Specialist Marissa Bond.   

For more information about Empowermate products, you can email them at [email protected]

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