Elma Electronic, a leading designer and manufacturer of rotary components, offers its bell-shaped knobs for electronic switches in the 3, 6, 9, and 12’clock indicating positions.

Elma’s “bell shaped” or “top-hat” designs come in hard or soft-touch finishes.  The unique shape is both ergonomic and space saving.  The knobs accept standard, “pan European” D-shape for 6mm shafts with a 4.5mm flat.  Regardless of the orientation of the D-shape end, the indicator lines or dots come in the 4 position options and are available in blue, white, or custom colors.   

Elma’s knobs employ a 2-shot injection design, where one layer of molding covers a second layer. The soft touch versions utilize a firm rubberized material for a soft, ergonomic feel.  They also have finger grooves for slip-proof turning action.  This adds both ergonomic and aesthetic value.  

Elma also offers collet knobs in various styles and sizes. All knobs from Elma can be used with the company's full line of rotary switch and encoder products or with standard switches from other suppliers.   Elma’s bell-shaped knobs have a 2 week lead time.  

For more information on Elma’s concentric switches, knobs, and custom design services, please contact Mark Thorsell at 510-656-3400 x10428.