DENVER, COLORADO  – Eldon James Corporation – a leading, U.S. based manufacturer of plastic tubing and fittings – announced the successful results of accelerated aging test results for their polypropylene fittings and FX polymer tubing. The tests were intended to define an extended shelf-life for both the polypropylene fittings and FX series tubes ensuring product performance would not be degraded. The exciting news of these results is expected to have a significant impact on the medical industry as well as noteworthy implications to the automotive, food and beverage industry.

Eldon James contracted with a third party to complete accelerated aging conditions to an equivalent real time period of ten (10) years. Conditioning for all test samples was completed at 60 degrees C and no more than 20% RH for 323 consecutive days. Per standard accelerated conditioning equations, the combination of the stated exposure temperature, exposure humidity and test duration is equivalent to a real time aging condition of ten (10) years.

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All testing was conducted in accordance with the methodology set forth in the testing protocol and test results indicate that the established acceptance criteria were met.Eldon James’ FX polymer and molded products produced with 13R9A polypropylene polymer has passed ten (10) year accelerated aging and as such should have a shelf-life of ten (10) years AFTER processing into product configurations