Eldon James Corporation – a leading U.S. based manufacturer of plastic tubing and fittings is expanding their presence to Europe with the opening of their office in Stuttgart Germany. Eldon James’ recent advances and innovations in the automotive, medical and food and beverage markets have dictated a local presence in Europe.

Because of the continuing innovations and growing demand in the European market for their products, Eldon James has now opened an office in Stuttgart Germany.  With their headquarters now in Denver, CO, the office in Germany will expand Eldon James’ already significant and growing presence in Europe.  “We are excited to have more of a presence in Europe with our new office in Stuttgart,” said International Business Development Manager, Markus Pratz.  “With our focus in the automotive, medical, and food and beverage markets, we felt that Germany’s strengths in these areas offered a great opportunity for us to expand our reach throughout Europe.”

The move is very strategic based on these core industries that Eldon James serves.  Germany continues to hold an exceptional position in the international automotive industry with German OEMs accounting for 17 percent of global passenger car production.  It is also the world’s third largest medical device market and is considered the best point of entrance to the European food and beverage market.

The office will be headed by Markus Pratz, who was born in Stuttgart, Germany in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.   Markus is an industry veteran and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in creating companies and managing international projects with a career focused in sales and marketing, business development, strategic alliances and governmental relationships. He has worked in Germany, USA, Eastern Europe and China.