Arjowiggins Healthcare increases the number of manufacturing campaigns for its polymer-reinforced breathable webs to meet booming market demand.

Sterimed, a division of Arjowiggins Healthcare, is happy to announce that since 1st of January 2015, manufacturing campaigns for polymer-reinforced materials have been doubled to accommodate the strong increase in demand from market.


Polymer-reinforced breathable webs are used for the packaging of drapes, gowns, catheters and other types of bulky or puncture-prone medical devices.


Initially introduced in the early 2000s as a single 80 gsm - 49 lb/3000 ft² substrate with a light weight adhesive layer, the range has quickly developed to accommodate requirements for coating base materials, direct seal solutions and newer grades with higher mechanical performance.


In 2011, the addition of a surface treated grade has opened a whole new market for the peel pouch industry by filling in the gap between medical paper and uncoated HDPE flash spunbond materials.


In 2013, the introduction of higher gauge substrates in 85 gsm - 52 lb/3000 ft² and 117 gsm – 72 lb/3000 ft² has further answered the expectations of medical device manufacturers for the packaging of heavier and bigger devices.


The product is now widely used in Asia, Europe and United-States, either in peel pouch manufacturing or as ready-to-use small reels to run directly on packaging lines.