Plastic processing expertise achieves global reach

DME Company and Plastic Engineering & Technical Services, Inc. (P.E.T.S.) initiated today a strategic alliance that will provide plastic injection molding customers with technologically-advanced hot runners and plastic processing expertise around the globe. The combination of P.E.T.S.’s leading-edge hot runners, plastic processing technologies, analytical molding services and DME’s strong global brand, global sales structure and distribution network will deliver unprecedented support and service to molders worldwide.

“The plastics processing expertise of P.E.T.S. and the global reach of DME will serve as a great resource to our customers, operating in many industries around the world,” said Dave Lawrence, President of DME Company. “The nimble, adaptive and applications-focused approach of P.E.T.S. complements the strong standard mold technology products of DME - creating solutions for all of our customers, molders and moldmakers alike, wherever they are located.”

For more than 25 years, P.E.T.S., has remained a leader in the plastics industry through steadfast commitment to its customers by providing innovative technologies to improve plastic processing - using FEA process simulation to provide plastic processors with improved profitability achieved through faster cycle times, higher yield rates and higher-quality molded parts. P.E.T.S. has earned a strong reputation in the automotive industry by successfully taking on challenging plastic processing applications including very large, difficult to fill parts; unbalanced family molds; parts with varying wall thicknesses; thin-walled parts; and parts requiring critical placement or complete elimination of knit-lines and gate vestiges.

“As industry emerges from the economic downturn, customers continue to reduce costs and maximize technology benefits,” said Patrick Tooman, Founder and President of P.E.T.S. "Our shared goal is to provide innovative products and first-rate plastics molding technology that will meet or exceed the customers’ most demanding plastic processing and moldmaking application requirements.”

The first innovation of this strategic alliance will be targeting molders in the medical and high-volume consumer markets with new engineering solutions. The first of many innovative patented-technology hot runner nozzles, sequence controllers and temperature controllers will be released next month. Other engineering solutions are in the final stages of product development and are currently undergoing beta-testing before final release.

In addition to the new plastic processing expertise and engineering solutions offered to customers around the world, this strategic alliance further expands and enhances the DME manufacturing and on-the-ground service footprint. DME can better serve customers in Asia directly from the P.E.T.S. manufacturing facility in southeast China, in addition to the support from the P.E.T.S. global headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

About DME

DME Company is an essential mold technologies resource to customers worldwide. Through aggressive new product development, global product standardization and a powerful combination of in-house manufacturing centers of excellence and strategic global partnerships, DME is helping customers succeed in changing times. The company’s standard-setting, comprehensive product line — including hot runner systems; control systems; mold bases and components; mold making and molding supplies; and cold runner systems for elastomers — is backed by expert technical service every step of the way. DME also manufactures and sells standard tooling for the die-casting industry. Visit for more information.

About P.E.T.S.

Plastic Engineering & Technical Services, Inc., (P.E.T.S.) is a global provider of leading-edge plastics technologies, analytical services and quality product solutions to mold makers and injection molders. As a leader in the plastics industry since 1984, P.E.T.S. designs state-of-the-art plastics technologies and delivers quality services resulting in exceptional product performance and first-rate molding. ISO 9001:2000 certified, P.E.T.S. specializes in Hot Runner Systems, Valve Gate Sequencers, Temperature Controllers, Mold Filling and Cooling Analysis and Secondary Equipment. For more information visit or contact 248-373-0800