Cost effective, proven equipment reduces tooling costs and scrap waste

Farmington, CT - Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), a manufacturer of precision parts for the medical, aerospace, firearms and defense industries worldwide, announces that it offers accurate, repeatable and powerful slide forming machinery, ideal for economical production of intricate springs, stampings, and wire forms. Slide forming machines produce parts that may cost substantially less than parts produced from power press tools. Tooling is also substantially less expensive.  Complex forming operations that add cost to progressive tooling can be formed easily on slide forming machinery. Parts produced using slide forming machinery include welded medical bands, surgical staples, wire formed clamps, retention spring clips, blade locks, clutch springs, and float wires.

The slide forming machinery, including Fourslide, Multislide and Vertislide tools, do not need a carrying web like that needed by progressive tools, resulting in significantly reduced material scrap. When the cost of materials is high, minimizing waste is key to running the part cost-effectively. This advantage is particularly pronounced in parts made of stainless steel, Inconel, copper, some brasses, and beryllium copper, where scrap can range from 20 percent to 50-60 percent.

“While an older technology, slide forming machines are still an extremely cost effective option for the right combination of material, part configuration and number of parts needed,” said Steve Dicke, vice president of sales and marketing at CSS ( “We have had excellent success using Fourslide equipment to produce parts going into medical devices that connect internal workings, as well as blade locks found in jet engines, and even float wires in gas tanks that connect back to a sensor. Where material can be as high as $60-70 per pound, reducing waste is important.” 

About Connecticut Spring & Stamping
Headquartered in Farmington, CT, Connecticut Spring & Stamping is a manufacturer of all varieties of close tolerance precision parts for the medical, electronics, aerospace, firearms and defense industries worldwide. They provide springs, metal stampings & sub-assemblies for OEM’s worldwide.  In business since 1939, CSS prides itself in design and engineering involvement that starts with product development, and moves through prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly to warehousing and point of use. Headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut, CSS has warehousing facilities in Puerto Rico and Singapore that allow our customers to build products with just in time (JIT) inventory.

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