Comprehensive Medical Device Packaging Product Line Expands

ANAHEIM, CA (March 28, 2013) - CleanCut Technologies, Inc. (CCT) now offers Pouches and Tyvek® Lids to complement its comprehensive product line. These new products, along with the patented Clipless Dispensers, HDPE Pouch Cards, SBS Shelf Cartons, and Master Shippers, allow CCT to offer the “complete package” when meeting its customers’ medical device packaging needs.

CleanCut’s Pouches are manufactured with precision, using a Servo controlled machine for consistent seals. Tyvek® is combined with validated polymers and other materials for superior breathability and clean peel performance. “We like to say that our Pouches have the ‘SPF Factor’” said Howard Rowe, Vice President of RA/QA, CleanCut Technologies, Inc. “We call it the 'SealaPeelaFeelability Factor' which ensures a Validated Seal, Smooth Peel and Repeatable Feel every time.”

To ensure quick turnaround, CleanCut has developed a system for rapid prototype sampling, which allows customers to receive Pouch samples representative and complimentary of the actual size to be used in conjunction with their Die Cut Pouch Card, Trays and patented Clipless Dispensers. Samples can typically be designed and supplied within 3 to 5 working days.

Pouches are manufactured to meet custom specifications. The forming machine is fully adjustable, eliminating the need for customer tooling.  Pouches are available in a wide range of sizes; from the commonly used to expanded custom dimensions ( 18”W X 80” L).

All production takes place in a Class 8/100,000 cleanroom to insure consistent quality. Compliance is guaranteed and every shipment is certified with full QSR/ISO traceability to raw materials. “Our cleanroom production matches the strict quality controls of our customers, allowing us to maintain the highest manufacturing standards,” said Rowe.

By offering in-house Pouches and Tyvek® Lids, CleanCut can control its own production schedules. Commonly used raw materials are kept in stock, so that all components are always on hand, ready to fill rush orders if necessary.

Custom Pouches and Tyvek® Lids add yet another dimension to the CleanCut Technologies, Inc. medical device packaging service.

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About Clean Cut Technologies, Inc.

CleanCut Technologies is an FDA QSR compliant and ISO 13485 certified Medical Device Packaging company located in Anaheim, California. All our products are manufactured in Class 7 (10,000) & Class 8 (100,000) certified environments with full traceability. We Specialize in the following: zero cost design and prototyping, pouches, pad printing with full traceability, HDPE die-cut cards, patented “Clipless Dispenser” (Hoops) for guidewires & catheters, all types of labels, SBS shelf cartons and corrugated shipping boxes – printed or plain, tube flaring , and cost effective tooling and production.

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