Carl Stahl Sava Industries launches a new website

Carl Stahl Sava Industries has recently launched a totally new website that allows customers the ground-breaking ability to browse, to the finest detail, the company’s comprehensive family of over-the-counter products, submit an electronic RFQ and engage its world-class team of engineers in the development of customized cable assemblies.

Working within industries comprised of complex application challenges, Sava's customers shouldn't suffer the added burden of struggling online to find the products and expertise they require. That's why Sava proudly rolled-out a website that includes the ability for a customer to search for the exact cables, fittings, pulleys and tools they require to realize their product's potential. Now when users visit, they will be able to narrow and filter their search for Sava’s cable products to the smallest scientific specification, select only the items the project requires, and submit that very list to Sava's sales team for speedy and accurate RFQ processing.

“Today, more than ever in the past, customers are evolving," said Sava President, Chris Krasas. "Because digital customers consume from global digital makers and sellers, customers demand an easy and streamlined approach to finding and buying products. solves a pain point by hand-delivering its customers a researching and buying experience comprising over 1500 SKU’s a mere tap of a finger or click of a mouse away.”

The new has also greatly expanded its customized cable assemblies’ content, complete with comprehensive information about the markets Sava has served since its beginnings, along with immersive details surrounding Sava’s areas of expertise. And to make searching as easy as possible, has been ergonomically reimagined to make finding products and information an effortless undertaking – on desktop or mobile devices alike. So, no matter the user’s location or platform, finding cable manufacturing expertise using is at one's fingertips. Rounding out the new site’s aesthetic is a thoughtfully designed look and feel, artfully accented throughout by photographs of the stunning custom cable assemblies Sava has produced through the decades.

Exclaimed Scott Dailey, Sava’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “The industries we serve are fiercely competitive and our customers need to move swiftly. For years, the evolving needs of the online cable assembly customer have gone unanswered. So, Sava recognized the need, like any other industry, to adapt to the shifting habits of an urgent, digital buyer. Now, when our customers require custom cable assembly consultation or virtually any over-the-counter part, Sava is there - at the airport, the office, the tradeshow or production floor.”



For almost 50 years, Carl Stahl Sava Industries, Inc. has been an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of custom cable assemblies, precision miniature and small cables, fittings, pulleys and tools for a wide array of industries. Over the decades, customers from around the world, possessing mechanical cable and fittings needs, have grown to depend upon the deep bench of expertise Sava’s in-house team represents. For more information, visit or call 973-358-0737.