InterTech Development Company, designer and manufacturer of solutions for leak testing, functional testing, and test centric assembly is transforming test processes for customers with Ethernet enabled instrumentation.

(SKOKIE, Illinois USA – November 29, 2012) Single wire connection for control of test cycles and the ability to transmit results to a PLC, PC, local network are important factors in recent customer selections of M1075 instruments from InterTech Development Company according to Mr. Jacques Hoffmann, president of Skokie, Illinois based InterTech Development Company. 

“Ethernet IP is rapidly being adopted as a de facto industrial standard. It simplifies integration with in-house data networks,” said Hoffmann. “This allows a single instrument to control a test cycle, and even gives the ability to take corrective actions on a process from real-time analysis of test results.” 

In one recent case, a medical device customer used built-in Ethernet IP/TCP capability from InterTech to automatically set test pressure of a leak test to 95% of the cracking pressure. They also were able to adjust test parameters “on the fly” from results of a previous test. 

Versatility and the ability to configure test sequences to an increasing variety of specifications is one reason to choose built-in Ethernet capability for test equipment. Another reason, which affects a growing range of industries, is the need to meet more stringent demands in traceability, according to Hoffmann

“For example, several automotive suppliers had no previous experience in serializing product data but now see this as a requirement. Transitioning to this type of traceability is a challenge for some, but the ability to access Ethernet capability in the future gives these customers an opportunity to grow and prosper,” said Hoffmann

InterTech offers leak detection instruments such as the M1075 with built-in capability for protocols including Ethernet IP/TCP, Profibus, Modbus, Serial RS232, CAN bus as well as analog and digital control. Contact Gerald Sim, [email protected], 847/679-3377 for more information about how to optimize leak and functional testing processes with advanced Ethernet IP-compatible instrumentation. 

About InterTech Development Company

InterTech Development Company ( designs and manufactures instrumentation and automated systems that in turn help manufacturers and machine builders in the automotive, medical, and industrial sectors manufacture and test their products. A world leader in test-centric assembly and test technology, InterTech specializes in automated leak and functional testing with seven patented mass flow and hydraulic technologies as well as helium mass spectrometry. Founded in 1973, ISO 9001 certified and headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, InterTech has sales and service offices in North America, Asia and Europe.