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Borla Inc.


Borla is the world leader in the design and manufacture of medical components and assemblies, with more than 40 years in business. ISO 9001 Certified, with facilities totaling 550,000 square feet, with 180,000 square feet of clean rooms Borla is vertically integrated from development and design through manufacturing.


Borla manufactures a wide variety of medical components at unsurpassed quality and unbeatable pricing.

  • Air Vents
  • IV Spikes and Drip Chambers (Gamma/Non DEHP)
  • Blood Filter Assemblies
  • Male Luer Connectors
  • Y-Site – Injection Sites – Connectors
  • Pinch Clamps – Roller Clamps – Slide Clamps
  • Hemodialysis Components
  • Female Luer Locks ...

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