Safety and reliability of mechanical switches coupled with the sleek design and low cost advantages of capacitive switches

Los Angeles, CA – January 27, 2014 – Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS), a world-leading expert in developing force sensing technologies, today unveiled its Capacitive Force Switch sensor technology.  Product designers can now add the force dimension to capacitive control buttons, and provide the reliability and durability of mechanical switches coupled with the sleek design, simple appearance, low cost and more sophisticated operation of capacitive switches. This patented, game changing technology has broad application in fields such as automotive control systems, medical devices, appliances manufacturing and industrial processes.

Capacitive proximity switches are widely used in automobile control applications in place of mechanical switches due to their low cost and modern, sleek design.  But unlike mechanical switches, capacitive switches can be activated unintentionally by drivers whose fingers brush too close to them, particularly on bumpy roads, during acceleration or turns.  The result ranges from annoying radio station changes and unintentional volume changes to turning on the defogger fans accidentally. 

Furthermore, because capacitive sensors measure electrical properties, moisture from rain, melting snow or spilled beverages render the switches useless, as do items that cover a fingertip such as gloves or bandages.  Due to these limitations, capacitive switches in automobiles are found primarily on dashboard controls, and mechanical switches are still being used for steering wheel and window controls and locking mechanisms.  PPS’s new Capacitive Force Switch technology relies on mechanical pressure to eliminate accidental activation, and is impervious to moisture and other environmental factors but has the look and cost characteristics of traditional capacitive switches.  

PPS’s Capacitive Force Switch can utilize finger pressure to improve user interface and make certain operations more precise. With force as a new dimension at a designer’s disposal, switches can use proportional force to accelerate or decelerate scrolling when choosing a song or contact person, control a window or adjust pressure sensitive thresholds via software control.

“We are excited to have PPS Capacitive Force Switches empower automotive manufacturers to deliver more reliable solution and significantly better user experience to millions of drivers. We also envision accelerated adoption of this technology in a variety of other applications where control buttons and switches are used such as medical and industrial devices as well as consumer appliances.” says Dr. Jae Son, founder and CEO of PPS.

The newly-developed Capacitive Force Switch technology is now available for license or as a customized solution. Manufacturers are invited to partner with PPS to develop more innovative control systems for their products.  For demonstrations of PPS Capacitive Force Switch technology, please contact Huan Tran at +1.310.641.8100 x139 or email [email protected].

About Pressure Profile Systems
Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) provides innovative tactile sensing solutions that push the boundaries of sensing technology. PPS's mission is to leverage and enhance capacitive tactile sensing technology to develop innovative, meaningful products that harness the sense of touch for medical devices, robotics, ergonomics, and automotive applications, in addition to industrial and consumer products. What sets PPS apart is not only its unique sensor technology – with advantages of design flexibility, sensitivity, and stability – but also its skillful engineering team with expertise in custom sensor design and hardware and software integration. For more information, please visit