Associated Research announces the addition of their new Hypot® Series

Lake Forest, Illinois, July 2017 - Associated Research, the leader in electrical safety compliance testing, has announced the addition of their all new Hypot® Series. The new Hypot models feature test functionality that includes AC Hipot, DC Hipot, and Insulation Resistance testing in a lightweight and functional design ideal for benchtop applications. The Hypot Series was designed specifically to improve bench-top production line Hipot testing. The new series allows manufacturers to modernize their bench top applications for productivity and safety without complex test set-ups or the need to connect the instrument to a PC. “The Hypot Series will set the industry standard for benchtop electrical safety testing equipment,” states Nick Piotrowski, Product Manager at Associated Research. “We’ve effectively increased output capability, added onboard data storage and barcode scanning while reducing the overall footprint by 19% and weight by over 40%. Additionally we’ve maintained competitive product pricing to make this series affordable for any size company.”

All-New Features & Benefits

  • Improved Interface: Testing from the front panel just got a whole lot easier.  Intuitively set up test parameters and steps with the swipe of a finger. 
  • Data Transfer: Take the pain out of your data transfer with the on-board flash drive support and local data storage.  Instantly upload test files directly to your instrument during set-up and save/record up to 1,500 test results directly from your instrument.
  • Barcode Scanning: Increase efficiency and production throughput by incorporating a barcode scan. A simple scan will associate your Device Under Test (DUT) with the test sequence and test data.
  • PPE Compatibility:  Create a safe workstation by incorporating a DUT enclosure, dual palm remote controls, signal interlock and other devices into our hardware safety interlock.
  • Prompt & Hold: Save time and ensure accurate testing with our Prompt & Hold feature. This feature provides on-screen instructions between test steps. In complex test set-ups this helps eliminate operator error and will ensure safe and accurate testing.
  • Increase production line throughput by reducing the ramp time required during your DC Hipot tests.
  • Charge-LO: This circuit ensures your DC Hipot test is performed correctly by verifying the DUT is properly connected.
  • USB Interface: The Hypot series provides a standard USB interface for remote programming and communication. 

The new Hypot models will be available in the third quarter of 2017.  Pricing is as follows:

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Founded in 1936, Associated Research is a worldwide leader in Electrical Safety Compliance Testing Instruments.