April 5 - Ascent   Medical,   a   subsidiary   of   Salalah   Medical   Device   Manufacturing Company,  SAOC  (SMDM),  today  announced  that  it  has  received  CE  Marking approval from SGS for its access and interventional guidewires.  

According to President and CEO, Ciaran Hood, "This is a significant occasion for Ascent   Medical   as   we   seek   to   expand   our   support   for   medical   device manufacturing  customers  in  Europe  by  offering  the  option  of  private  label, sterile packed guidewires. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to quality  and  customer  service  and  provides  our  customers  with  the  support needed to shorten their regulatory cycle time thus reducing time to market.” 

Ascent Medical Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of guidewires used for access and interventional procedures. Guidewires are small diameter spring coils  that  facilitate  the  guided  placement  of  catheters  and  other  medical devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical conditions. Ascent  Medical  offers  a  range of  guidewire  sizes  from  0.018” diameter  up  to 0.060” diameter in both un-coated and PTFE pre-coated configurations.   

For  more  information  regarding  the  products  and  capabilities  of  Salalah Medical  Device  Manufacturing  Company,  SAOC  and  its  subsidiary  Ascent Medical Corporation, please visit www.ascentoem.com.