Many have looked to Sterijet as an answer to ongoing sterilization in a manufacturing setting for sterile lots of all sizes.  The benefits of employing gas diffusion are that the vacuum tight appearance of Andersen’s Sterijet package ensures package integrity, and sterility.  If a pin hole exists in the package, it is not sterile.  If it is vacuum tight the package is sterile.

How does this work? 

With the Sterijet system gas is injected directly into the master bag, which is then heat sealed.  At the end of the sterilization cycle the gas has diffused through the bag (the chamber), leaving the products vacuumed sealed in the master bag. 

Ethylene oxide has been the method of choice for the sterilization of a wide variety of medical instruments for more than 50 years.  The non-damaging effects of EtO and its compatibility with nearly all materials used in medical instrumentation make it the logical, and original, choice for low temperature sterilization. 

Andersen can offer a variety of options for small to medium size lots that contract sterilization companies are ill equipped to handle.  Specifically, with the Sterijet® your devices will be double packed and then packaged and vacuum sealed in a 5 mil master bag for additional sterility assurance, in almost any packaging configuration.

Andersen Products can provide a validation package and regulatory support.  By working with device manufacturers during product development we can help to address potential sterilization and production issues before final product development decisions and investments have been made.

Along with sterilization, laboratory, assembly, packaging, labeling and boxing needs can be part of a contract sterilization package. 

Andersen sterilizers are the most gas efficient on the market, using less than 18g of EtO per cycle.  We also offer a complete range of sterilizers that can be used in-house.  An EOGas sterilizer would provide the flexibility and economies of in-house sterilization.  EOGas may benefit devices that are in the R&D stage.  EOGas uses the least amount of gas of any EtO sterilizer (less than 18g per cycle), has a unique multiple-load capability, and is the gentlest low temperature sterilization system on the market since it does not pull a vacuum or introduce steam into its chamber.  

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