Milacron is pleased to bring the industry its newly advanced Roboshot S2000i-B Series of injection molding machines.

Batavia, Ohio – Milacron is pleased to bring the industry its newly advanced Roboshot S2000i-B Series of injection molding machines. As part of an ongoing quest to provide customers with ever-increasing reliability and productivity, the Roboshot’s enhancements (itemized in the diagram below) are available on machines of 55, 110 and 165 U.S. tons of clamping pressure, with the remainder of the line to be completed this year. To learn more, join Milacron at PLASTEC West, booth #4012, February 9-11, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA.

This offer is part of Milacron and FANUC’s commitment to bring customers the highest quality, efficient injection molding equipment with industry-leading applications expertise and support. The Milacron-FANUC combination of advanced technology and deep knowledge has propelled Roboshot to a position atop the market and has helped customers achieve a competitive edge.

The Roboshot’s technical advancements deliver powerful new benefits, including:

Better part quality
Lower bases and a stronger design provide greater rigidity, solidifying the molding process and resulting in better part quality.

“The base has been enhanced with the more rigid design to enable a stronger and more stable rigid molding system,” said Kent Royer, Business Unit Manager, Roboshot at Milacron. “Machines today must accommodate heavier tools and more automation applied between the tie bars, as processors seek ways to improve quality and increase productivity.  We are responding to customer requests for stronger machines with smaller machinery footprints.  We’ve shortened our 110-ton machine by eight inches and our 165-ton model by four inches, saving significant floor space."

Quieter operation
The Roboshot is already known for being a quiet machine, but the new series further reduces decibel values.

“We had a very quiet machine to start with,” Royer explained. “Milacron now has an enhanced belt design to the point of a full 4 dBa improvement in noise reduction, which is most notable when running at full speed. The requirements today are to run faster, quieter and with high reliability and precision, which has always been the industry trademark of the Roboshot.”

Faster cycle times
Improved clamp mechanics boost performance and reliability to, in turn, reduce cycle times.

“The risk with faster clamp speeds is tool and mold damage,” Royer explained. “Our patented Artificial Intelligence (AI-Mold Protect) clamp motor load sensory capabilities, however, monitors and regulates both the open and close at all speeds, we are able to maintain superior mold protection at these faster cycles, by as much as 13 percent in some cases.”

Higher speeds
Optional anti-vibration packaging minimizes vibrations within machine base and electronics, allowing operation at high speeds.

“The Roboshot is gaining a much larger market share in small-part, high-speed packaging applications, thanks to its stability enhancements and features, which rival much larger tonnage machines,” adds Royer

Lower maintenance costs
The multi-circuit lubrication system brings greater machine reliability, along with lower maintenance and lubricant costs. These lubrication improvements to the clamp toggle along with the mechanical design changes will greatly improve reliability for the higher demands that customers are placing on today’s equipment. 

Reduced Energy Use
The BARR VBET® (Variable Barrier Energy Transfer) mixing screw provides measurable energy efficiencies by employing conductive melting rather than shearing – resulting in energy reduction by up to 40 percent.

Milacron’s service group, ServTek, also brings to molders a new energy efficient heater band technology, the ServTek TCS, for smaller diameter injection units. Incorporation of this technology can reduce energy consumption by as much as 35 to 50 percent.

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