A fully programmable, microprocessor controlled bench top adhesive dispensing system that features a precise linear drive mechanism which creates positive displacement from a plastic syringe is available from Fishman Corporation of Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

The Fishman LDS9000 Linear Dispensing System features a hand-held gun that employs a linear actuator-driven mechanical lead screw to push an adhesive through a plastic syringe and out the tip in precise volumes; without air. Controlled by an intelligent bench top unit which automatically calculates how far the plunger must travel to dispense the correct shot size, this positive displacement system achieves uniform and repeatable shots.

Eliminating the problems associated with air pressure dispensing systems such as variations in applied air pressure, the effects of moisture, and changing viscosity, the Fishman LDS9000 Linear Dispensing System runs on 115 VAC and is easy-to-program. This intelligent system even draws the plunger back at the end of a dispense cycle, automatically, which causes the material to recede within the tip and prevents dripping and waste. Ideal for pre-mixed and frozen, cyanoarcrylates, solder paste and other general assembly fluids.

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