The project management of pharmaceutical, biomedical or medical devices is a complex thing which, in its industrialization phase involves three skills rarely met:

  • The economic and technical mastery of raw materials used for the device; Feasibility ...
  • Mastery of the technical constraints of the full project (that is to say device + packaging) since its conception to its sterilization ; Interactions, deadlines ...
  • The legislative and regulatory quality control applicable to product and process, standards, capabilities, qualifications ...

Specialist in plastic processing, the family business and international group TOP CLEAN PACKAGING, headed by François Berry and created by his great-grandfather in 1927, realized for several years a significant growth on medical devices market, through this very atypical and innovative positioning.

The top ten global contractors of the sector have understood and no longer hesitate to cross continents for future development at the heart of the Auvergne their blockbusters of tomorrow. They are in fact with a single interlocutor, on the same site, with skills essential to successful marketing of their system: Technicality, reducing delays in the industrialization phase and product safety – witch means patient safety -- strengthened.


  • 5 companies in Europe (France, The Netherlands), and in Asia (China)
  • 4 combined technologies : Thermoplastics and LSR injection moulding, thermoforming, recycling
  • 16.000 sq.m. of production area
  • 2500 sq.m. of clean rooms
  • Turnover : € 18 million (2009)
  • 90% of the turnover achieved in the medical and pharmaceutical market

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