The Industrial FiberCube® is a compact, turnkey marking, engraving and cutting system that offers the benefits of a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser mark, engraving, or cut onto almost any type of material. These systems offer the speed, reliability and flexibility required to meet stringent quality control and process certification standards.

Industrial FiberCube® Systems integrate the FiberStar marking source and provide controllable pulse rates that can be adjusted from continuous wave to single pulse for deep marking, cutting, or fast throughput thermal mark applications at up to 200 characters per second.

Industrial FiberCube® Systems are ideal for a wide range of applications including flat surfaces, advanced integrated XYZ motion for step-and-repeat laser marking, or coordinated rotary motion for seamlessly marking around a circumference.  LaserStar’s CAD2 operating software provides complete coordination of all integrated systems.

As a turnkey solution provider, LaserStar’s Applications Specialists will evaluate your marking or engraving requirements, define the application goals and objectives, specify and verify the correct marking platform, and define a complete system configuration to accomplish the desired results.

Jewelry Engraving & Cutting • Solar & Semiconductor • Bio Sensor Production
Thin Film Polymers • General Marking & Engraving Automotive (Parts and Displays)

ID Cards & Mobile Phones • Medical Devices & Implants • Electronics & Sensors/Instruments Industrial Components • Manufacture of Processed Parts