Handy checklist for the product development engineer.

Minneapolis, Minn., September 28, 2009 —Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, is offering a free downloadable white paper titled 10 Tips for Product Development for Applications that Include Flex Circuits, Flexible Heaters, or Sensors. If you are a design engineer who is wants to learn more about how integrating sensing, heating and circuitry functions can give you a competitive edge, this white paper is for you.

These tips will help you get to market faster by speeding up testing and reducing qualification time. They will help improve manufacturing yield and the reliability of your finished product. They will help you simplify assembly, ensure the accuracy of documentation and they will help control costs. Any one involved in the product development of electronic components should have this paper!

If you need technical assistance, help with specifications, operating conditions, or application data; a Minco engineer is just a click away in the Minco Engineer2Engineer Community. You can also phone 763-571-3121 for more information.

About Minco

Minco designs, manufactures and markets critical components for critical applications. The company is unsurpassed in its ability to integrate and assemble flexible Thermofoil™ Heaters, Flex Circuits, Sensors and Instruments into a single component for greater efficiency. Minco helps companies minimize the risk of product failure by providing highly reliable components and expert design services.

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